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The Feelings Parking Lot

The Feelings Parking Lot

[Digital Product]

Best printed in A3 size


The Feelings Parking Lot is a powerful tool designed to facilitate meaningful conversations with children about their emotions and coping strategies.


This interactive product allows kids to identify and discuss their feelings by driving a chosen vehicle to a spot on the board that represents their current emotion. They can then navigate their vehicle to another spot on the board that represents a coping mechanism for dealing with that emotion. The Feelings Parking Lot also includes empty lots where children can write down new feeling vocabulary and coping methods. It is recommended to offer a variety of vehicle options to cater to both boys and girls.


This tool recognizes that some children may prefer not to discuss their emotions, and that's perfectly fine. Younger kids often express themselves through play, so observing how they engage with The Feelings Parking Lot can provide valuable insights.


Overall, this product encourages open dialogue and supports children in understanding and managing their emotions effectively.


*Please note that this is a digital product. Upon completing your purchase, you will receive the product file via email. This allows for convenient access and immediate use of the product.

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