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Navigating the complex realm of emotions can be challenging, even for adults. Now, picture how overwhelming it must be for our little ones. If you believe your child could benefit from the compassionate guidance of a mental health expert, we're here to help.


At Master Me, we provide specialised child therapy / counselling sessions tailored to their unique needs. By offering a safe space for them to express themselves, we empower young minds to conquer mental and emotional hurdles. Don't hesitate to take the first step towards your child's emotional well-being.


Schedule a child therapy appointment today!

Free Initial Consultation

This Initial Consultation is FREE & with no obligation.

Reaching out and finding a therapist for your child can be an extremely daunting task for many parents. During the teleconsultation, you have a chance to get to know more about us and our approach to therapy. It is an opportunity for us to explore the best intervention to suit your child's needs, before committing to work together.

Tailored Intervention

We customise our therapy to meet each child's unique needs through an integrative therapeutic approach to help them express their feelings and prevent or resolve their psychosocial and behavioural challenges. 


A child's comfort is paramount when seeking counseling support. To ensure the utmost convenience and a safe environment for your child, we offer in-house counseling services. The therapist will come directly to your home, creating a familiar and comfortable space where your child can feel at ease.


Our services are delivered by experienced Masters clinicians with over 10 years of experience working with children and their mental health.


We use a lot of different modalities. With an older child, it might be more talking based. With a younger child, it might be more games, using drawing and art, drama, but it really depends on the interest of the child.

What are some signs your child might need therapy?

Here are several indicators suggesting that your child is experiencing challenges and would benefit from seeking help from a child therapist or counsellor.

Self Harm
Separation Anxiety
Academic Struggles
Anti-Social Behaviour
Change in Behaviour

We Help Children With 

Internalising Issues



Self-Harming Behaviours

Suicide Ideation

Externalising Issues

Anger Management


Harming others

Relationship Issues




Other Issues

Eating Disorder



Selective Mutism

School Related Issues

School Refusal


Disruptive Behaviour

Academic Stress

Technology Related Issues

Screen Addiction

Gaming Addiction

Cyber Bullying

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